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Workout Wednesday: Dyan Tsiumis' Tabata Circuit
All you need is 20 minutes to get your day's full-body workout. Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? read more

Why Do Even Super-Fit Women Have Cellulite?
Well + Good
Super-fit women are opening up about the fact that they’re just as likely to develop cellulite as anyone else. read more

How this 'Former Fat Kid' Became a Kickass Trainer and Lost 70 Pounds
Women's Health
These tips from Dyan Tsiumis will help you drop pounds and keep them off. read more

Move it Monday: Beach Workout
with Dyan Tsiumis
Whether it be spinning or circuit training, Dyan brings an infectiously can-do attitude to her workouts–which has made her one of our favorites. read more

Here's What Personal Trainers Actually Eat After A Workout
Get some delicious snack and meal ideas from pros who get just as hangry as you.
read more

These 23 Fitness Pros Have a Kick-Ass Message You Need to Hear
Finding the perfect trainer is a lot like dating: When you find that special someone, something just clicks. read more

Why Trainers Need to Stop Using Summer Body Language
Very few things in life make me more irate than being in a fitness class and hearing, “You wanna get right and tight for summer, ladies!” WTF? read more

6 Ways to Prevent Injury at Your Next Spinning Class
Well + Good
“Let’s go!” shouts the instructor on the podium. [...] So you go. [...] And then it happens: You fall off the bike saddle, and into a legal mess. read more

These Are The Sneakers Fitness Trainers Actually Wear
Well + Good
Open up the door to any legit fitness studio, and you probably won’t find the instructors getting their sweat on while rocking fashion’s latest it-sneaker. read more

How 13 Star Trainers Take Their Workouts Outside For Summer
Well + Good
While many equate summer with poolside lounging (guilty), fitness pros, on the other hand, see the sunny season as just another opportunity to change up their workouts in cool, creative, productive ways. read more

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