I'm a PUMA Trainer in NYC. I love their products for their fierce look, quality products and their brand values. I'm proud to represent this team and hope you enjoy!

MYX Fitness
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Work out with ME and the MYX Team at home! Stream hundreds of workouts online: cycling, yoga, strength, recovery, meditation. The MYX Kit comes with a bike, tablet, large workout mat, foam roller, kettlebell and dumbbells. And YES, I teach ALL formats.

JBL Bluetooth Speaker
The PERFECT travel speaker. Use it at the beach, for an outdoor workout for sick and LOUD (if you wish) sound. You can also get the rubber frame and clip it to your backpack! Hello, you ARE the party!

MVN Resistance Bands
These little bands pack a big punch. Easy to travel with or slip on at home for added resistance to your at-home training regime.

Nutrition + Health

Sustainable Snacks
Chocolate Superfood

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I've got a sweet tooth, but I also have an issue with sugar. These delicious treats are an amazingly delicious option for a LOW sugar option. Thinly coated with dark chocolate, these 100% plant based treats are an outstanding way to snack and curb your inner sugar monster.

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay

This is my "woo woo" encyclopedia. Whether it's a knee pain or stuffy nose, Louise Hay will share the thoughts and affirmation to heal your body. It's also my reread each year to remember our lives are our choice.


Tumaz Yoga Strap
Do you stretch at home...or need to? This little strap (that comes in SO many colors) will help you feel as limber as a 12 year old gymnast... or it will at least help you get a deeper stretch on.

Manduka Cork Block
If you need a little support for your at home yoga practice, this is my favorite tool. I also use it as a stabilizer for some of my strength workouts.

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat (6mm)
My favorite eco-freindly yoga mat...and it doesn't weigh a thousand pounds.


The Body Source Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp
Light up a room and your mood with this salt lamp. Said to elevate mood, purify air, enhance blood flow this is a great accent or nightlight for any space.

San Francisco Salt Co.
Muscle Soak Bath Salt
Take a minute or 20 to chill. These bath salts are a great way to relax, unwind and allow your muscles to restore.

How to Heal with Singing Bowls by Suren Shrestha
If you want to know more about sound healing, this book is written by my teacher. You'll learn the basics of Tibetan singing bowls.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
I read this book cover to cover in 3 days...and I'm not "a reader". Liz Gilbert shows us how important our thoughts are in the most beautiful way. We are magical. PLEASE READ!

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